Ideas for Parents in Entertaining Kids to Keep Them Still – Technology Entertainment

You want to check your emails from work and to do that, you need to find something entertaining to keep the kids at bay but within your supervision. You rummaged in our head ways to keep the kids’ attention away from you so you can focus on your work. You might have no babysitter scheduled or an emergency task from work came unexpectedly. Whatever has brought you the situation of having to look out for your kids, you need to find fast solutions in keeping their attention and keeping them still and behaved so you can manage them more easily.DVD cartoon marathon is always a good idea with kids. When kids of ages around five to nine can still be entertained with all the 3D or anime animations and movies available in clear DVDs. Keep a healthy stack locked in your desk so that when situations like this arrives, you have around one or two CDs to put on the player to keep the kids at one place in your entertainment section of the house. The children will probably be thankful for the cartoons they will be watching and be amused by the love-able characters and moving stories of the animation movies. After a few hours, you get your separate work done and can hear all the excited stories from your kids about the movie they watched.Engage your kids in arts and crafts for some time. Look for the some crafts that are safe to do for kids even if they are all alone in doing it. Avoid crafts that involve sharp tools like scissors, cutters, or similar tools to prevent accidents. Clay craft can be done by the kids and keep them preoccupied for a while. Sand artworks can be fun and safe to do. Finger painting with safe and non-toxic paint set is also a classic idea. Provide also an instructional and simple to follow craft book to go along with the tools. Look out for possible mess you have to deal with but you can also involve your kids in the cleaning up process afterwards. Give them an incentive for the best craft or art work that they can come up with. You not only develop their creativity but their friendly competitive spirit as well.Old fashioned card and board games can keep them attentive for hours. Kids nowadays forgot all about the joy of playing with actual board and card games without the use of a game console or computer. Actual game paraphernalia can keep the kids preoccupied and focused in the game they play as they can actually hold the game elements in their hands. They will also have some time offline from their technological gadgets. You can join the kids later to have some real bonding when you are done with your thing.So many kids today have attention problems due to the instant culture that technological gadgets seem to encourage among the youth. For the parents who do not know how kids can be kept attentive these ideas had hopefully enlighten you and gave you an idea on how to keep your children entertained, creative, and bonded for life.