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Digital TV is a type of technology that has a number of benefits, but is causing a fair amount of frustration for a number of people. Digital TV actually isn’t a particularly new form of technology. In fact, it has been in widespread use since the early nineteen nineties when satellite TV companies like Echostar (Dish Network) and DIRECTV started to offer affordable satellite TV service with dishes small enough as not to dominate the entire yard. Digital TV became portable in the late nineteen nineties with the introduction of the DVD, and is now slated to become the exclusive over the air TV format as of February 17, 2009.This conversion to digital TV is what has a lot of people generally annoyed. Converting over the air TV to exclusively digital format would provide viewers with better pictures and access to an on screen program guide. It would also free up over the air bandwidth that could then be used for emergency services communications and for wide spread implementation of wireless Internet access. The trouble with digital TV comes from two different forms of resistance. First, there is the TV viewing public who are still largely watching TV sets that don’t have the digital tuners necessary to watch over the air digital TV. Second, there are the TV stations themselves who don’t want to spend the money to switch their equipment over to transmit digital TV.As far as the TV viewing public goes, there are actually relatively few problems with switching their equipment over to over the air digital TV signals. That’s because there are relatively few people- about twenty one million to be exact- who rely on over the air TV for their TV entertainment. The rest either do without TV or subscribe to cable TV or satellite TV, both of which presumably provide receiver boxes capable of receiving digital TV signals and then converting them over to the analog signals that the TV sets can understand. Other converter boxes that can pick up digital over the air TV signals and convert them to analog are being made available to consumers. Purchase of these converters are being subsidized by the federal government through coupons that are worth forty dollars when they go towards the purchase of a digital to analog converter. Because the converter boxes are expected to cost sixty to seventy dollars, consumers will still have to use some of their own money. There’s also the very real possibility that many consumers will want to buy new TV sets anyway, in which case they’ll probably just get digital TV sets. The real challenge is letting TV viewers know that the change will happen so that they can prepare for it.Broadcasters are tougher cases in many ways. That’s because they’ve been dragging their feet on the conversion for year and as a result, the conversion keeps getting pushed back. For example, the conversion has been in the works since 1996 and the first conversion was scheduled for 1998. The refusal to make the change on the parts of broadcasters has gotten in the way of a number of different telecommunications initiatives. These broadcasters seem to forget that the American people own the frequencies on which they broadcast and can take away their licenses at any time.

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Ever since the Blu-ray HDTV DVD format barged into the market right on the heels of Toshiba’s introduction of the HD-DVD format the prevailing wisdom in the home entertainment electronics industry has been that only one of these two formats would be able to survive the inevitable format war between them. The inescapable logic of the fact that in order for only one to survive, the other has to perish has led many consumers to put off the purchase of any high def DVD technology at all because of the aversion to being left with obsolete and therefore useless technology.The possibility of being left with the embarrassment and lost money of having purchased a losing technology is not without precedent. In fact, one of the reasons why consumers have been so reluctant to purchase either an HD-DVD player or a Blu-ray player is because many of them still have memories of the war between the VHS and Betamax video cassette formats back in the early nineteen eighties. Eight track tapes provide another cautionary tale.There is one fundamental difference between the current high def DVD format war and the video cassette and audio cassette format wars: Betamax was a different size and shape than VHS and eight track tapes were shaped differently from the winning audio cassette format, while the diameter and thickness of Blu-ray discs and HD-DVD’s are identical. This means that while those warring magnetic tape formats weren’t physically capable of being played on the same cassette deck, there’s absolutely now reason why you can’t at least load Blu-ray discs and HD-DVD’s into the same drive.The fact that Blu-ray discs and HD-DVD’s have identical dimensions (and dimensions that are identical to CD’s and conventional DVD’s as well) has prompted some companies to find ways to work around their incompatibilities. For example, Warner Brothers has come up with a way to print a movie in Blu-ray format on one side of a disc and the same movie in HD-DVD format on the other side of the same disc. If this format becomes mainstream, consumers will be able to buy high def DVD’s regardless of which type of player they have and without paying any attention to which format they’re buying.LG and Samsung have also come up with a way to work around the incompatibilities by producing a device that can read discs in both formats. These dual disc format high def DVD players cost a little bit more than normal high def DVD players, but take care of all of the compatibility concerns.These technological developments have prompted the industry to rethink the wisdom that only one format can survive. Rather than assuming that one format will go extinct, many sales projections take into account the possibility that both will be around for a long time. If this is the case it will be because these other technologies that bridge the gap between the two formats have thrived and been embraced by consumers. And as far as Toshiba and Sony go, while neither will dominate the high def DVD market the way they both hoped they would, they should take some solace that neither will end up losing completely either.

New Mobile Technology – What Are the New Technologies and How Can I Utilize Them? – Technology Entertainment

The world of mobile technology is a quickly changing landscape, with manufacturers vying to satisfy the mobile users’ ever increasing hunger for new features and better equipment at reasonable cost in a viciously competitive market.So what’s new? Who hasn’t heard of the latest incarnation of the most successful, and some would argue still the best, mobile touch phone – the Apple 3G S. It’s faster, has more storage, a better camera that can now take videos, voice control, maps, internet access – the list goes on. It’s also now cheaper.Next up we have Mobile VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol – a means of making a phone call from your 3G enabled mobile using the internet to carry the call instead of the mobile network as you normally would. The main advantage is the cost – as most internet access is on a fixed cost, you can use this method to call anywhere else in the world with an internet connection. Savings can be huge; particularly for international calls. Currently Skype (popular for PC to PC phone calls), TruPhone and a company called Fring offer a mobile VoIP service for 3G smart phones.But how are the mobile providers going to keep up with people’s ever increasing desire to watch video and TV live on their devices? The current batch of 3G (3rd Generation) devices are okay, but have their limitations. So, in development is the 4G (4th Generation) mobile. This will give the user not only high quality on-demand video streaming (for TV), but also access to broadband internet, video chat and fast download of video and music content. A great mobile entertainment center for those who live their lives out of a suitcase.Lastly, an interesting, yet potentially irritating craze has developed taking advantage of one of the most used features of mobile technology – Blue tooth. Initially intended as an easy method by which two Blue tooth enabled devices could exchange messages and information over short distances wireless, it now has an added function: ‘blue jacking’. ‘Blue jacking’ simply involves sending un-solicited (and anonymous) messages to another person’s device within range of the perpetrator. One regular ‘blue jacker’ was quoted as saying, “The priceless expression on the face of my first victim as he tried to work out what was going on has turned me into a regular blue jacker.” That being said, there are easy ways to prevent yourself being ‘jacked’ – turn off your Blue tooth when you’re not using it: don’t make your device discoverable – but a lot of people don’t bother.

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Did you know what the latest ‘must have’ elite entertainment could bis in vogue? You may now find psychic entertainers at premiere profile corporate banquets as well as at exclusive events.A clairvoyant is no not just only for spooky parties! Sixth Sense Entertainers and their paranormal are enjoying their skills emerging from the closet and being on complete public display. Psychic clairvoyant can be found today out in the main stream, entertaining event’s and corporate clients in the most of events and corporate events, not just at private friends parties.How does it work?
Your guest/client can quiz the psychic a question about any issue going on in his or her lives, give a palm print, a personal possession or even a sample of their handwriting if graphology is used and Aura reading. The psychic may use different tools to produce a reading such as: Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Psychometry and even Graphology. Your guests may then often react in a very positive way to their psychic consultation. Both guest and clients appear increasingly attracted to this old world form of entertainment with a real up to date angle rather than the more traditional. Guest and clients at celebrations and high brow events are equally enjoying their experience with the unexplained and very much relishing doing so.Why is this?
Simply because- it’s all about them!
They may often delight in the peace, pampering and uplifting experience that will often stay with them long after their psychic has entertained them. Unlike other forms of entertainment that are viewed or experienced and then quickly discarded, a psychic consultation will often remain in your guest minds as a moving, fun & and memorable event. Readings may be performed privately in a quiet room or space privately for maximum enjoyment.Dealing with Skeptics?
It appears that the most ardent skeptics and business folk are enjoying this psychic gift as much as regular believers. Who doesn’t glance at their astro sign predictions from time to time? Who secretly enjoys the luxury pass time of obtaining a psychic reading on a regular basis? You may perhaps be quite surprised to know that many psychics have persons from all spheres of life among their clients, from ‘A Listers’ – librarians, top flight business people to entrepreneurs, they are even hired by some of the planets top companies to help with matters such as head hunting the right employee for an important position!It may appear odd to some in our time of high tech technology and fast pace living that psychics are very well established in our times and the fascination in the paranormal which shows no signs of ending any time now.Will my guest/clients like this entertainment?
Consider this, many of us have at least a vague understanding of psychic ability and the paranormal and unknown area is as popular today as any time in history. The majority off people have had their palm read, obtained an astrology report and even law enforcement agencies world wide are known to have used the use of a psychic from time to time. In the past even our politicians and world leaders through history such as Winston Chruchill have engaged the services of psychics and astrologers, this fact is very well documented. We all long to to hear about ourselves and find it evoking to be told personal future predictions. An pro psychic will get a balance, between light and fun for you function and entertaining and engaging the party guest’s on a personal level.Choose wisely. Avoid simply engage anyone, take the time to locate the best psychic for your event, preferably with proven experience at entertaining at such event in the now long gone times. Take care that you engage an genuine, ethical and trained and pro psychic to enthrall your personal guests and I would guess- your preferred form of entertainment will go down extremely well indeed with your special guests and priority business clients.Will a party psychic entertainer be well received?
Whatever your personal opinion on psychic world, of this you can be reasonably sure: your party guests will be talking about your special event & unique party entertainment for a long into the far reaching future.